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a small boat in a body of water

As soon as the calendar reads September, there are plenty of people who automatically conclude that the fall season has arrived. They hastily put away their swimsuits and shorts and put their light coats in the closet. They abandon their summer iced coffee orders and immediately switch to the cherished pumpkin spice latte or a hot chocolate. While Florida residents are treated to move favorable temperatures all year, fall is still a time when the kids go back to school and the chapter of lazy summer days are over.

One popular way Florida residents get out on the water during the weekend is spending some time on the water in an electric boat. Simplicable describes an electric boat as a vessel that is powered by an electrical motor and uses alternative energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels for power. Some of the many benefits of using an electric boat, according to Ship and Ocean, include a quieter running engine, they don’t require oil to run, and they are safe and reliable. Basically, it’s a way to get an exciting ride while being a friend to Mother Nature.

If going on a thrilling ride on an electric boat sounds like the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer season, then look no further than Bada Bing Watersports and our 21’ Duffy Electric Boats. Comfortably accommodating up to 10 people, our electric boats are the perfect way to cruise Tampa Bay in style. Each boat features all of the components that create an ideal end-of-summer gathering, a chance to see dolphins, a full canopy top, and a stereo radio and bluetooth radio. Because let’s face it, is there anything better than seeing Downtown St. Petersburg and its surrounding waterfront while watching a beautiful Florida sunset? We think not, and we have a feeling you agree!

So before you go buying Halloween costumes, enjoy the summer up to the bitter end with Bada Bing Watersports and our electric boat rentals. Book yours today by visiting our website.

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