Summer Fun with Wave Runner Excursions

Wave Runner Excursions are one of the most popular activities in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. These personal watercraft (PWC), also called jet skis, are a blast on water with the capacity for high speeds while remaining easy to control. Our Wave Runner Excursion is a great way to spend an afternoon having fun in the sun and enjoying the ocean water with the possibility of spotting a dolphin or a sea turtle.

If you’ve never been on a Wave Runner before, not to worry! They are very simple to operate with just a few key tips:

Getting Started

Step onto the wave runner and place hands firmly on the handles. Firmly grip the cushioned handles throughout the ride to ensure you remain in full control of the wave runner. Engage the throttle slowly until reaching a speed of about 10 mph. For safety, never go faster then idle speed in a marina.


Turning is challenging for new wave runner operators. Practice turning right out side the marina before picking up speed. When turning, focus on maintaining your balance and keeping the handle bars straight.

Proper Positioning for Comfort

As your skill level improves and you drive faster, the wave runner will hop off the waves. When this happens, lift yourself a few inches off of the seat. This allows a more comfortable ride and minimizes impact.

Bada Bing Water Sports offers two wave runner rental options for an exhilarating afternoon on the water exploring the beauty of the Tampa Bay open waters – One-Hour Freestyle or a 90-Minute Guided Excursion.

Wave Runner – One Hour Freestyle

Starting at $90 | One Hour | Ages 16+

Explore the gorgeous open waters of Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Your guide will lead you out of the marina into the open water for a one-hour freestyle experience that allows you the chance to ride the waves as you please! At the end of your hour of fun, your guide will lead you safely back into the marina.

Wave Runner – 90-Minute Excursion

Starting at $120 | 1.5 Hours | Ages 16+

Have fun on the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay on one of our Yamaha Deluxe VX Wave Runners! This fully-guided Wave Runner Excursion will delight you with local wildlife, a chance to make it to beautiful beaches on the gulf and ride under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Also a chance to see Loggerhead Sea Turtles, spotted Bottlenose Dolphins, Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, and more. If you’d like, we will also take videos of you riding, for no extra charge!

At Bada Bing Water Sports our goal is to make everything as convenient as possible for our customers. Whether sunrise, sunset, or island hopping, book a tour with us now on one of our Wave Runners, Touring Yamaha boats, or on our Luxury Yacht Charter. We also offer kayaks and paddle boards, or try out Eco-Friendly Electric Boats! Reserve for any occasion  birthday, wedding, or family get-together. We’re easy to find in the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina on Bay Shore Drive next to Fresco’s Waterfront Restaurant. Call (727) 592 1111 for more information, email us or visit our website. See you on the water!